Awaita: No evidence of restoration efforts

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The National, Friday 31st May 2013

 There is little evidence of relief efforts in Northern after Cyclone Guba in 2007, a provincial administrator revealed during the Papuan Development Forum yesterday.

Oro provincial administrator Owen Awaita expressed disappointment at the failure to restore and refurbish services and damaged infrastructure in the province.

 “It is the right of the people of Oro to enjoy better, accessible and affordable quality of life,” he said.

“I regret to say here that there is no evidence of the much talked about restoration programme and this is due to the lack of funding support from the National Government. We received K21 million in 2008 and that was it.

“As a result, roads leading to Northern Highway and Kokoda Highway are disjoined because bridges washed away have not been permanently restored.

“Vital health and education facilities still have not been fully rehabilitated.”

The general secretary of the Red Cross Society of Papua New Guinea Esmie Sinapa stressed the need to implement disaster recovery programmes.

“Finalise and endorse the National Disaster Act.

“It is still being reviewed and it is disappointing to see that no mechanisms have been put in place to cater for natural hazards yet.

“A disaster does not give warning before striking therefore we must be prepared.”  

Parliament heard this week also that much of the money allocated for restoration efforts in the province might have been misapplied and misappropriated.