Awareness on sea piracy


AN informal businessman in Milne Bay is now carrying out awareness on social media against sea piracy that has affected the movement of villagers.
Alfred Vincent said yesterday that sea piracy was an issue that had been neglected for too long by authorities and villagers in remote islands in the maritime province that were suffering because it had affected their access to goods and services from Alotau town.
“I created a Facebook page ‘Say no to sea piracy in Milne Bay’ two weeks ago and is now becoming popular among people in the province who are equally concerned with piracy,” he said.
“The purpose of this forum is to trigger off discussions with like-minded citizens of this province to share their views and experiences in the hope that the communities get to educate themselves about the impact sea piracy is having on our communities.”
Vincent, who is from the Maramatana local level government in Alotau, said he and his relatives had been victims of sea piracy.