Backing a boost for University Piggies

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The National, Wednesday 22nd May 2013


KEMELE Construction Ltd sees good value in sponsoring the University Piggies Rugby Union Football Club (UNIRFUC) of Port Moresby.

The locally-owned civil engineering company that operates in Mendi, Daru and Port Moresby, has taken onboard naming rights for the 2013 season in the Capital Rugby Union competition.

Kemele through its principal Firman Joseph, also the co-owner of the Hela Wigmen franchise in the Digicel Cup, has given University a new lease on life with a K30,000 sponsorship for this year, and a strong possibility for renewal over the next two years as well.  

The package includes four sets of jerseys from OneProof Designs Fiji Ltd makers of the DRUA brand. 

The club is inviting new and old players to join.

As one of the more successful clubs in recent times which has seen them win five premierships since 2006 and a regular contributor to the Pukpuks, Piggies have been given a window of opportunity to excel with their return to Monier Rugby Park this season. 

For Kemele, they see sports as way to enhance youth development.

That is what the University of PNG-based club has been doing since 1965, providing that pathway for young people to express themselves on the playing field and at the same see the good values through teamwork, commitment and discipline that comes with the game.

University president Ernie Gangloff said the sponsorship is a milestone and a positive signal towards the strong foundation for the players and their future.