Baisu students learn conservation

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday 12th June 2013

 A GROUP of primary school students were told to preserve and take care of the environment on World Environment Day.

Students at Baisu Primary School in Mt Hagen planted trees and were taught to look after the environment and minimise damage to it.

The theme was “Think, eat, save and reduce your footprints” – meaning think  before you kill and destroy trees and animals dump rubbish around you.

These were illustrated with poems, drama, sports and the planting  of trees.

School headmaster Gabriel Niggints urged the children to look after the land by preventing bushfires and avoid cutting trees unnecessarily.

Students were also told of the effects when sea and rivers were destroyed and polluted by the companies doing exploration and mining work.

Niggints said mining and logging posed major threats to the environment.

He said when people were not carefully with the environment there would be landslides and flooding.

He warned the students not to cut trees along the Waghi River.