Baki happy with maritime security measures for Apec

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JOINT Task Force Security Commander Gari Baki is satisfied with security measures taken to secure the maritime restricted zones in Port Moresby during Apec.
He watched an exercise yesterday conducted by officers from the United States Coast Guard, PNG Water Police, New Zealand Navy, Australian Navy and PNG Defence Force.
Their task next week is to patrol the security perimetres at Fairfax Harbour. Three cruise liners where the meetings will be held and delegates accommodated will be anchored there.
Baki is overall in command of all the security forces comprising 4000 locals and more than 1300 from abroad.
Baki said they began planning for Apec security operations four years ago when Prime Minister Peter O’Neill agreed to host Apec in PNG.
“We launched our security operations on Monday with a parade. All security operations come into motion today (yesterday),” he said.
Officers from the US Coast Guard, Australian and New Zealand defence forces will live on the Australian naval vessel HMAS Adelaide moored off Ela Beach.
“They will not all be deployed on the streets of Port Moresby. But about 300 will be deployed at any time when they are required to assist. Most of them will be on board. They will conduct surveillance along the Port Moresby’s coastline.”

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