Baki praises cops nationwide

National, Normal

POLICE Commissioner Gari Baki yesterday commended police personnel throughout PNG for working tirelessly over the Christmas and New Year periods.
Mr Baki said as he had declared 2010 the year of transition for the constabulary, he encouraged policemen and policewomen throughout the country to recommit themselves to their duties and responsibilities.
He said policemen and women in PNG deserved praise for upholding law and order throughout the festive season especially in light of the Dec 31 threat against Asian-owned businesses.
He thanked NCD commander Awan Sete and Metsup Chief Supt Fred Yakasa for their leadership in the NCD
Central command.
Mr Baki said the Dec 31 threat against Asian-owned businesses was handled professionally and the media played a big role in educating people about the importance of law and order.
He also praised NCD Governor Powes Parkop for improving city amenities, including the setting up of Christmas lights around the city, which he said helped to transform the mindset of city residents and contributed towards a generally safe and secure Christmas and New Year celebrations.
In the meantime, deputy commissioner administration, Tom Kulunga has been appointed as acting commissioner of police while Mr Baki takes his leave.