Ballot boxes from islands yet to reach Bougainville mainland

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The Nationa, Monday July 16th, 2012

BALLOT boxes from the islands have not reached Bougainville mainland, after polling was concluded in the four island atolls last Thursday.
Provincial election manager Reitama Taravaru said communication problems were making it difficult to get in touch with the vessel transporting election officials and materials to the atolls.
Primary counts for Suir, Buka and Atolls were yet to start.
Counts and eliminations for Central and South Bougainville resumed yesterday at 6pm after being suspended. Central Bougainville will resume with elimination 13 and South Bougainville will do quality check on 81 boxes before the elimination process starts.
Progressive results in the Regional seat are as follow: Ishmael Toroama (Peoples Movement for Change) leads with 11,008, Albert Magoi (Indigenous People party) 4,956 and Simon Pentanu (Melanesian Alliance) 5,750.
For the North Bougainville seat, after count 49, Louta Atoi (PNC) leads with 3,822, John Sisiesi (New Dawn Transformation) 2,498 and Rachel Konaka (Independent) 1,858.
For the Central Bougainville seat, sitting member Jimmy Miringtoro (PNC) leads with 2,232, Sam Akoitai (Melanesian Alliance) 1,743 and Dominic Itta (People’s Movement) 1,733.
In South Bougainville, Steven Pirika (URP) leads with 8,175, Timothy Masiu (NA) 2,995 and Peter Manuka (Melanesian Alliance) 2,506.