Ban alcohol in PNG


ALCOHOL abuse has become a norm in this so-called Christian nation, consuming the very fabric of morality and decency, causing much detriment and wastage to national resources and is a major cause of countless and needless societal strife and pain.
Everywhere and every time, there are drunkards seemingly glossed in alcohol fuelled with animalistic traits behaving anti-socially with no regard for themselves or others.
As I write, there are drunkards screaming obscenities throughout my neighbourhood, transpiring fights, possible accidents, promiscuity, increasing transmission of HIV/AIDS and crime, all because of alcohol consumption.
One just has to take a look at the statistics at any given police station or health facility to note what alcohol does to our society.
Even underage and immature children are consuming alcohol openly without reprisal.
I wonder if this is the type of society we wish to live in; a future tainted with drunkenness, increased law and order issues, a society marred with infectious diseases and complete moral breakdown.
I appeal for the greater good of this sinking nation, open your eyes and see alcohol for what it truly is.
It is a medium for the devil that is quietly and slowly destroying us.
If we are a Christian nation, can the Christian fraternity speak up against this?
If the Government wishes to proclaim PNG as a Christian state, can the leaders wake up from their delusion and walk their talk?
Ban alcohol in all its forms, break the cycle that is enslaving this nation.
To those who defend alcohol vehemently whenever this issue is raised, tell me, do you truly believe alcohol consumption is positively impacting PNG or is it just a malicious infection eating away souls?
Alcohol has never had a place in any true Christian setting, and it has never been known to bring positive societal outcomes.
To allow this culture to flourish is similar to allowing cancer to eat away one’s life.
It is self-destruction at the most, and just as a time bomb, the ticking eventually has to end with a catastrophic bang.

Great White


  • Home brewing is the major contributor to the problem. If tougher policing and penalties are imposed for consumers and brewers it might help. A look at availability of the ingredients of home brew should also be addressed.

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