Banab Bridge: Just silence


I’m a regular reader of The National who would like to voice my concern on behalf of Sumkar, Bogia and Sepik people.
The Bogia-Madang Highway is the only way we travel to sell our produce and do our day-to-day activities.
It saddened me to read in The National on Jan 25 that a man was almost killed in a fight over a bamboo bridge at Banab.
I can honestly say that since the falling of Banab Bridge, I have never heard or read Sumkar MP Chris Nangoi and Bogia MP Robert Naguri, or any of the other Madang MPs, stand up and voice their concerns on behalf of their people who voted them to Parliament in 2017.
You have made a lot of noise during the campaign period and where are you now?
Please come out and let the people know that you are still alive and not dead.
A month has passed now and there’s still no announcement made of any budget allocation to rebuild that bridge.
When can we expect bridge construction to begin?
You have already painted a picture of yourself to the people.

Gentol-Aigobian Traveller
Yahrox Blood

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