Banab Bridge: A real pain


The collapse of Banab Bridge in Madang has caused much inconvenience and pain to our people in Bogia.
They incur additional costs when travelling, their freedom of movement is restricted, and cash flow and services slow down.
School is resuming today and the only link we have is down and causing us much hardship.
I am very frustrated to see that Bogia MP Robert Naguri, Sumkar MP Chris Nangoi and Governor Peter Yama are not working together and doing much to assist.
They only pop up once or twice in the media and are gone.
This issue may seem like a joke to them but our people are really feeling the pain of it.
Keeping up to-date with updates from the newspaper and from people on the ground, I can hardly see, hear or read anything about our elected leaders putting in much effort to help out.
Thanks to former governor James Yali who did his part in helping to set up a temporary bypass, albeit, an expensive one to drive through.
Our Madang leaders should see the example from the East Sepik after Kadovar Volcano erupted.
Their leaders are working together with Governor Allan Bird at the front line.
What about us Madang leaders?
Works Department has made comments that parts of the bridge will be brought in from Lae, however, the longer it takes the more it will cost our people.
I am more than prepared to petition our Madang leaders to do something quickly to address the Banab Bridge issue.
They cannot relax around while our Bogia and Sumkar people continue to suffer.
Lord, please help us and our leaders to really care and serve the needs of our people in this time of trouble.

Jerry Ambali
Diehard Aigobian

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