PNG changing or still at the crossroads


Is Papua New Guinea changing or still at the crossroads of prosperity and poverty?
From the change of Government from Sir Michael Somare to Peter O’Neill, there have been many changes that affected our social and economic wellbeing.
Some have been good and some were bad.
The goods side is that there is free education and health.
Hosting the 2015 Pacific Games brought in money and showcased our culture and lifestyle to ou
Apec 2018 will bring in many good things.
Here are some points to ponder:

  • Free education: More children will go to school but there will be limited spaces at tertiary institutions and no available work;
  • Free health: Shortage of medicine, doctors and nurses not attending to patients due to non-payment of their salaries;
  • Pacific Games: Are the facilities being renovated or will they be eaten by termites and the weather?
  • Apec 2018: Will Apec Haus generate money over the long term and sustain itself

All these question must be answered before proceeding on to make decisions, because any decision we make now will determine our tomorrow.
For every decision or choice made, there will also be disadvantages.
In my opinion, our Government didn’t take these into consideration before making decisions.
That’s why we are faced with a lot of issues that are currently affecting our lives and the country as a whole.
I know the Government have top brains that are behind them and advising them.
My questions are:

  • Are they are visionary?
  • Are the decisions made are for their own benefit or for the benefit for the whole country?
  • Are they are honest and trustworthy?
  • Are they God-fearing individuals?

If these questions are answered, we will know the standing of our Government and what we will become tomorrow as Papua New Guinea.

JP Warisung
Concerned Citizen

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