Banduru helping out


Every year on Dec 4, International Volunteers’ Day is celebrated.
A day in which people who invest their time into greater causes, to improve the lives of those less fortunate or to give a hand where it’s needed.
In a world driven by the notion of “getting something in exchange for what you give”, volunteers are an exceptional group of people — often sought after but also hard to find.
James Banduru, a 21-year-old Papua New Guinean basketball national team member is just one of those people, someone who’s always willing to lend a hand.
Banduru, pictured, certainly looks the part, standing at a towering 2m frame but also has a likable personality that belies his intimidating presence.
Fiba asked Banduru why he volunteered to lend a hand for the Fiba U15 Oceania Championships.
“I love basketball that’s why I’m doing this,” Banduru said.
“I just thought that, as a senior player, I had to help out in junior events.
“I hope I’m setting a good example for my juniors so they can help out more because you have to give back to the sport that got you to where you are right now.”
Banduru is built for basketball, and he has played for nine years, four of which were for his country.
The Melanesia Cup gold medalist recently graduated in information technology and is trying to be a role model for many young people in Port Moresby.
During the Fiba U15 Oceania Championships at the Taurama Aquatic and Indoor Centre, the hulking presence of Banduru delivering water bottles to the youngster playing in the tournament or just encouraging them on is a familiar sight.
“Volunteers are essential if you think about it, events don’t happen without people on the ground,” Banduru said.
“These people give their time without any financial compensation for what they give, and that’s a special thing.
“It shows the passion and love they have for wanting something to succeed or improve.
“What would you say to children who want to volunteer?
“Do it. You might not get a lot of incentives but what you will get can change your life.”
A promising star of PNG basketball, Banduru proved volunteering was not only for people that had nothing to do but was an excellent platform to help out your country while also serving as a role model to the youth. – Fiba

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