Bangladeshi man convicted of illegally staying in country


A BANGLADESH national has been convicted of staying illegally in the country.
Sujan Kar, 30, from Mushiganj province in Bangladesh was charged with one count of staying in the country without a valid entry permit.
He is one of the Bangladeshi nationals caught at a small retail outlet at 8-Mile in Port Moresby during a raid by a government team last month.
In the Waigani Committal Court, Magistrate Cosmas Bidar told Kar that he had breached Section 16 of the Migration Act by illegally living in the country for 17 months.
The court heard that his entry permit issued under the sponsorship of Phoenix Incorporated Limited had expired on May 16, 2016. He did not apply for an extension.
He was arrested on Oct 17 while operating a tucker shop at 8-Mile. The rain was made by officers from Immigration, Ppolice, Labour, Customs and Bank of PNG .
The court heard that Kar produced a work permit which did not correspond with the records at the Border Management Security.
The court also heard that Kar was in a defacto relationship with a local and had a one-year-old child.
Bidar adjourned the case to Dec 5 to hear his submission before sentencing him.