Baptism, source of strength to overcome challenges: Bishop


AS Christians we will encounter challenges and difficult times with hardships but we have to always remember our baptism with the Christ because it is the source of our strength to overcome those challenges, says Evangelical Lutheran Church (ELC) head bishop Rev Jack Urame.
Bishop Urame was speaking at the Reformation Day celebration of Lutheran Church at Abong Parish in Lae on Thursday.
He said the “reformation” according to Martin Luther, founder of Lutheran church, the truth in Christianity was not clearly stated.
The message (word of God) was not understood by many people.
“People were not free from bondage of sin such as stealing, killing, disrespecting others since there was no love because the truth was not clear among them.
“The word of God has freed us from all the barriers and bondage of sin that has kept us away from the grace of God,” Bishop Urame said. He said the grace of God through the teaching and the principles of Christianity set by Jesus Chris had freed us. It is the righteous to happiness, peace and love.
ELC Yabem district church secretary Yasam Aiwara said many times people who knew the truth through the teaching of the gospel were still seeking it in all sorts of ways. That has pushed them far away that they have fallen short of the grace of God.
“That is through such church activities like youth groups, Sunday’s school programs and Women’s church groups’ activities.

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