Basil: Govts must intervene

Momase, Normal

The National, Thursday October 10th, 2013

 BULOLO MP Sam Basil is calling on the national and provincial governments to intervene after the district experienced a diarrhoea outbreak at a refugee camp.

He said in a statement the two tiers of governments had been passing their responsibilities to the district and the local level government.

Basil is concerned that the ethnic clashes in Bulolo are causing problems and putting a strain on the scarce financial resources of local MPs and the LLG councils. 

“The district, through its JDBPPC, did all it could during the first ethnic clash to enable the safe passage of those affected out of the district to their provinces of origin,” he said. 

“However, these people who had settled in the district for a long period of time and call Bulolo home did not want to leave. 

“They then sought refuge at the Bulolo police station. Up to this day, they are still living there without proper hygiene and sanitation.,” Basil said. 

“Recently, another group from Bubu, Garaina sub district and the Watuts confronted each other. Another lot of people have sought refuge at the Bulolo police station.”