Bawa reminds police officers to take pride in uniforms, vehicles

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The National, Wednesday 1st May 2013


BOROKO policemen and women were told yesterday to uphold the integrity of the force by following basic policing conduct.

NCD metropolitan commander Supt Andy Bawa said that conducts such as dress code, parades and flag-raising were simple matters that were not taken seriously.

“Take a sense of pride in your uniforms because how you dress, whether it is on duty or off duty, portrays your personality,” he told the parade.

“Basic things of cleanliness should be considered so that you look smart for a day’s task and you are respected by the public.”

He added that under the police modernisation programme, Boroko police station was allocated eight new vehicles.

“We must be thankful to have a commissioner who has a vision and is trying to revive what was in practice years back in having a vehicle for a shift,” Bawa said.

“Take care of those vehicles, it belongs to the taxpayers and it is for us to attend to this very people.

“Misuse of police vehicles should be stopped and you should take responsibility of your resources.”

He urged policemen and women to change their attitude of aggressiveness towards the public and “treat them with a smile as they turn to us for protection”. 

Bawa also called on to the public to support the police in working for a safer community.