Be patient and wait


BE patient. Wait for it. Work towards preparing yourself for all that you want.
Don’t rush it, take a deep breath and remind yourself that “the wait” is not punishment or you missing out on anything in life.
It is preparation for fulfillment of what’s to come.
Preparation for what is meant to be. Wait because you are worth the wait, for not just the ordinary but the extraordinary. Wait for love.
Work towards your dreams and do not settle, strive, fail and try until you get it right.
Wait to be healed. Wait.
For you deserve to be certain it is the best before you give it your all.
Time is life’s greatest teacher, it teaches us to grow, be patient and understand that to everything there is a time and place for it.
It is true that eventually everything gets better in time, that wound will heal, that past will all be history, that haunting memory it will all be faded in time.
See time truly is God’s gift to us.
Take the time to grasp the truth of who you are as an individual.
Align yourself with what awakens your mind, uplifts your spirit and speak to your heart.
That is where you will find who you are as you grow.
That is where your inner peace lies. That is the sanctuary of the depth of your inner most self.
You only need “self’’ to be “yourself” so make you and self to be one.
Only then can you be a complete you, an individual.


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