Be positive, call to returning students

National, Normal

The National, Thursday February 6th, 2014

 STUDENTS returning to the University of Technology in Lae have been reminded to have a positive attitude and the ability to relate positively to each other.

The message was relayed to Unitech students during orientation and registration this week by Chancellor Sir Nagora Bogan.

He told first year students to relate to others as intellects and that their greatest challenge in going through transitional stages in life was to be emotionally intelligent.

He said one could be intelligent academically but without the ability to relate rationally with others, one could not progress in life.

He urged students to aim high and walk with humility.

He wanted new students to support the student representative council and the management of the university.

“Focus on your studies but you must have the ability to relate to others,” Sir Bogan said.

He told the students that they were expected to excel in their studies and there are challenges that they must overcome.

Acting Vice-Chancellor Professor John Pumwa emphasised the importance of good attitude.

Pumwa told students that the word attitude can be defined in different contexts and understanding but a person with a positive attitude towards life succeeds.

He encouraged students to have good and positive attitudes that would help them to cope with the daily affairs of life. 

“If you do not have the right attitude, you will not go anywhere,” he said

“You need to develop good attitudes.”