Be respectful with comments


I AM shocked to learn some of the comments by some people on social media against Prime Minister James Marape.
The comments are quite appalling.
While we may disagree with Marape or any other prime minister, Opposition Leader Belden Namah, Government ministers or MPs on national issues, we must maintain decency when voicing our dissatisfactions.
These are mandated leaders.
We need to show some respect towards them, especially when we do not agree with them.
We need to give Marape and our leaders our support despite the differences in our opinions because we are in difficult times.
As one of my mentors used to say: “If you are going to say something, say it with conviction and put forward your arguments in an organised and reasonable sequence.
“If not, it’s far more sensible and dignified to be quiet.”
There is also an old Australian Aboriginal saying: “You may take a horse to the billabong but you cannot force it to drink.”

Luimack Johnson


  • people talk alot about others and they forget that they are also the ones doing the same things as the others are doing, no one wants to practice good things that they hear, they quickly relay the message to others and expecting others to change.

  • Freedom of speech (oral, written, digitised, telecasted, etc) is Guarantted by our Constitution. The offended has the option to sue the person(s) making these seemingly offensive comments.

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