Be self-reliant, says Bonga

Lae News, Normal


PEOPLE should be self reliant because waiting for government aid will take forever, Forest Minister and Nawaeb MP Timothy Bonga said.
He said that people had to go ahead with whatever project initiatives they planned.
“They should help themselves before seeking assistance to complete the projects,” Bonga said when commending the efforts of the Bawan villagers in Wain-Erap sub-district to build a teacher’s house at Peter Ryan Primary School.
He said such initiative signified unrecognised strength within the communities in which they lived.
“It should become an important example where all the Nawaeb communities should follow to become self reliant rather than waiting for the government every time,” Bonga said.
Bonga also opened the new water supply tap for the Gwambot village on Tuesday.
At the double opening, he made commitments over K600,000 for various projects in Wain-Erap sub-districts.
Bonga made a commitment of K40,000 to Peter Ryan – K20,000 to buy furniture for teachers houses and K20,000 for school infrastructure.
Another K10,000 was committed for the maintenance of the community health worker’s house and K40,000 to rehabilitate the district cooperative society headquarters at Boana station.
He also made a commitment of K500,000 to rehabilitate the Boana-Gwambot and Bawan road.
Bonga assured the villagers that further funding would be sought to extend the road from Bawan to Gewak, Sakarang and Baindoang villages in Nabak sub-district.
Another K20,000 was committed for the construction of new community hall and a guest house at Gwambot village after learning that the villagers had raised K14,000 for the project.