Be vigilant: Doc


THE daily increase of the coronavirus cases in West Papua is a great threat to Papua New Guinea, says the State of Emergency (SOE) deputy controller and acting Health secretary Dr Paison Dakulala.
The Papua region of Indonesia has seen an increase of 65 new cases, bringing a total of 686 confirmed cases.
Dr Dakulala said this week that the alarming increase meant that PNG was still in the danger zone and people should not be complacent.
He said the Government was revisiting its strategies along the Western border with Indonesia.
PNG had eight confirmed cases of the Covid-19 and all have since recovered.
As of Monday, globally, a total of 5,497,998 confirmed cases with 346,685 deaths.
This was an increase of 5,125,243 (5.1) million confirmed cases and 330,454 deaths in just 63 days since the SOE begun.
The country with the highest total number of cases is the USA (1,686,436) with 99,300 deaths.
In the Western Pacific region, countries worth noting are: Indonesia – 22,271 (1,372 deaths); West Papua – 130 (2 deaths); Papua – 556 (8 deaths); Singapore – 31,616 (23 deaths); Australia – 7,114 (102 deaths); Fiji – 18 (no deaths) and New Zealand – 1,504 (21 deaths)
For PNG citizens and residents stranded abroad, the Government is working to bring them back and this includes the 127 in Fiji.
Dr Dakulala said the Government was arranging an aircraft which is also scheduled to stop over in the Solomon Islands to deliver 600 kilograms of PPE (personal protective equipment) and uplift 10 tonnes of PPE from Fiji to PNG.