Beer bottle thrower jailed

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THE Lae District Court has sentenced a Morobe man to 18 months in jail with hard labour for smashing a 20-year-old man’s face with a full bottle of beer early this month at Bumayong, on the edge of the city.
He was also ordered by the court yesterday to pay a compensation of K5,000 within one year from the date of his release to cover the victim’s medical cost.
Defendant, Geving Pia, 25, of Esianda village in Pindiu was charged with one count of unlawful assault of one Brian Yanzinga, contravening section 6(3) of the Summary Offence Act. 
The court was told that on Dec 5, at about 4:30pm, Pia was at Pikus Circle with two others drinking beer.
The victim was walking with his sister when one of Pia’s companions pulled the umbrella she was holding and the fight started.