Besseo not improving Kainantu

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday, June 7th 2011

Kainantu has yet to see any tangible changes since MP Sailon Besseo entered office.
He lacks foresight and vision and operates on an ad hoc basis.
The town is so small and it can be easily developed into a model town in the highlands yet the MP has seen fit to leave it in shambles and let it go to the dogs.
The construction of a drain that runs through the town has come to a halt.
Can the MP counter-fund the project?
The incomplete project is an eyesore and gives a negative impression of the town and its people.
I call on the authorities to put the town in order and give it a decent look.
I would like to know where the DSIP funds have gone to as there is nothing to show despite millions of kina being allocated to the district.
I call on the people to elect leaders who are edu­ca­ted and have experience in both the private and public sector.
We cannot continue to elect leaders who put themselves ahead of the grassroots’ interest.

Kaipa Okuns