Betel nut banned on PMVs

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National Capital District Commission has outlined rules to public motor vehicle operators to follow that will contribute to keeping the city clean.
City manager Bernard Kipit said: “We are looking for ways to clean the city.
“We realised that littering, spitting of betel nuts and cigarette butts are thrown out of the windows by people while moving on a private or public vehicle.
“The commission is now creating PMV passenger rules that will be enforced by the operators.”
The rules include:

  • PMV drivers and crews must not chew betel nuts while carrying passengers;
  • PMV drivers and crews must be properly attired at all times;
  • drivers, crews and passengers of PMVs are prohibited from smoking while driving; and,
  • PMV and taxi drivers are prohibited from picking up passengers anywhere else other than approved bus stops.

“Failure to comply with the rules will result in impounding of vehicles and fines,” Kipit said.
According to Road Traffic Authority mediation officer Emin Wakip, chewing betel nuts was an offence but many departmental heads took the lead in this.
“We are finding it very hard to enforce the law because the people, as well as professionals, are behaving in the same way,” he said.
“There are strong betel nut stains along the traffic lights that we come across.
“Increased fine fees effective as of June 1 will range from K500 up to K1000 will be enforced.”
PMV Association president Jack Waso urged operators to be serious with the rules set by the commission.

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