Bigger budget but will service improve?

Letters, Normal

THE PNG economy has been boosted mainly by the massive LNG project but the government has let the people in the rural areas down due to a lack of service delivery.
If our economy is really that good, then roads like the Highlands Highway should have been properly maintained.
The same comments can be made on other vital road networks nationwide that have deteriorated over the years.
Taxes on salaries should be reduced.
The education system should be improved and our hospitals should be stocked with much needed medicines.
The DSIP funds, if used properly, should be bringing development to the rural areas.
However, we hear too many stories of cash being handed out to the rural people for political purposes.
The government can only be praised if the entire economy is all right and efficiently running and not be praised only because the national budget is increasing.
The question we should be asking is: Will service delivery get better or corruption gets worse with increased revenue?


Kelly Joku
Port Moresby