Bill paves way for cancer treatment


THE Radiation Safety and Control Bill 2018 clears the way for us to access radiation for cancer treatment. This is just one aspect of cancer treatment.
We still need the Government to release funds in the 2019 Budget to set up the cancer facility.
We also need Department of Health, Department of Personnel Management, University of Papua New Guinea and University of Technology to train specialist doctors and staff, including nursing officers, to run the Angau Memorial General Hospital cancer unit.
The recently opened Goroka hospital has some state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment.
However, we need staff to operate the centre and also necessary support for inpatients’ care, including specialist doctors and nursing staff. There are many types of cancer for both male and female and it could affect me, you, your family, relatives and friends. It’s a curable disease and we can establish the necessary equipment and support facilities in PNG.
Please let us all cooperate on this. Let’s make it our business.

Wilson Orlegge Thompson
Farmers & Settlers Association