Billy set to attend school

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BILLY David, 9, who is living with disabilities, has qualified to continue his education in a school attended by normal children after a year of home-based teaching programme.
He and eight other children living with disabilities were among the 53 who passed their examinations at the Cheshire Disability Centre in Port Moresby yesterday.
His teacher Jennifer Kera said they passed a series of therapy and basic skills teaching levels which normal children also went through.
She said Billy reached a level which showed the school that he was as “able” as any other normal child.
He will be enrolled at Rob and Jan Patterson Pre-school at Wildlife where his parents from Western Highlands live.
Cheshire general manager Bernard Ayieko said education was the basic right of every child – irrespective of whether they are blind or have hearing impairment.
He urged parents and the guardians not to deny them their rights.
The school had helped disabled children such as Serah Sevesoa who passed the grade eight examination last week, and Isabel Kila, who has completed her third year law degree course at the University of PNG.
Billy’s dad David said he spent almost K10,000 on medication to see his son feel better and go to school.
He said many parents were doing their best to allow their disabled children the education they deserved.

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