Binge drinking: 3 blind

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THE Ethanol binge drinking death toll in Eastern Highlands’ Kainantu on Sept 10 remains at 11 but three people have gone blind from consuming Methanol Ethanol mix.
About 150 people called in sick at Kainatu Rural Hospital after drinking Ethanol from Sept 10 to 13 that was siphoned from five of 80 drums in the Coffee Institute Corporation (CIC) centre in Aiyura.
Commander Chief Supt Michael Welly told The National that investigations were currently focused on those who assisted in unloading the 80 drums of Ethanol.
“Their names have been forwarded to us, we have also sent word to the surrounding villages for witnesses to come forward, especially those from the victims’ villages.
“So far, we have taken statements from the CIC employees.
“However, none seem to have seen or noticed anything being removed or stolen from the premises.”
Hospital acting chief medical administrator Dr Enename Susuke told The National last week that of the 11 deaths, three were reported in Obura-Wonenara, five from Kainantu hospital and three from Goroka Hospital.
Meanwhile, Zachery Per reports from Goroka that police would arrest the suspects who siphoned the leakage of the deadly Ethanol.
Supt Michael Welly said: “We are ending our investigation this week”.