Bird queries policies in place for job creation

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THE people of East Sepik want to know what policies are in place for job creation in the country, Governor Allan Bird says.
Speaking in Parliament last week, he said his people continued to ask him if there were any plans captured in any Government documents about job creation and law and order prevention targets.
Bird said he had studied the Medium Term Development Plan (MTDP) 3 and the National Budget to see if these two issues were captured.
But both the MTDP 3 and the budget contained little or vague information on job creation and law and order prevention targets.
He said the Government should have included job creation target like any responsible government in the world would do.
Bird said MTDP 3 only gave a little information on job creation where it stated the creation of only 5000 jobs from 2018-22.
He said Education Minister Nick Kuman had said that some 70,000 students were finishing school every year, so from 2018-22, some 350,000 students would finish school.
“I want to know how much we are correlating these students, that we are putting through our education system, with the number of jobs we want to create through the budget,” Bird said.
He said his second issues was on law and order.
Bird wanted the Government to tell him and the people of PNG targets to be achieved through the 2019 Budget of K1.6 billion.


  • Thats really true..Many of the students have graduated in the tertiary institutions and now have no jobs..just look around foreigners taking up jobs which can be easily filled by papua new guineans..the png government to think…

  • Hi Allan Bird, my Good governor. Who are you asking this question to now. The people of East Sepik is asking you, what have you told them, what are your plans for East Sepik?

    You are the government .East Sepik appointed you. You make it happen. The change you make in East Sepik is the change the others will see and follow.

  • one of the obvious ways of creating more jobs in the country is downstream processing. We export a lot of resources like logs, coffee, cocoa , vanilla, gold etc
    Can we have good joinery to produce furnitures for export, export dressed timbers, there is a huge resources of cane in cane furniture, chocolate from cocoa, jewellery from gold etc so much can be done and technology are available .

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