Bishop: People should not forget their culture


WEWAK diocese Bishop Joseph Roszynski says the existence of every human is rooted in culture which shapes one’s values, attitude and tradition.
He said the people of Papua New Guinea, as a fast-changing society, were sometimes confused about the value of their culture.
He was invited to bless the Kamge cultural house at South Wosera in the Wosera Gawi district of East Sepik. Roszynski used the occasion to remind the people of the importance of keeping the good elements of their culture.
These include respect for elders and parents, protecting the good of the clan, working together and traditional songs and bilas.
“Acknowledging that Jesus is the supreme chief and saviour of all peoples widens the borders of the clan and tribe,” he said.
“The understanding of who are the new leaders and the new law of love pertains now, not only to the particular tribe, but to all who belong to the tribe of Jesus.
“We thank God for the beautiful values we inherited and the colourful culture of our tribes and people.
“May we be able to keep what is good and life-giving in our cultures and abandon what is contrary to it.”

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