Blessings can become a curse

Letters, Normal

THE LNG project, which can boost the economic prosperity of PNG and provide a better future, can also become a curse if we cannot differentiate between what is good and what is right.
PNG is a Christian country and we are blessed with natural resources.
However, we must practise the wisdom God has given us. 
If it needs for us to change some of our attitude and behaviour, we must do so because after the good things, Mr Bad will arrive. 
This is when the the blessings become a curse and we know the behaviour of Mr Bad.
Right is something what you think or do that satisfy you but it is not something that you do to please other.
It is our human character and we let Mr Good to dominate and influence us. 
God has given us the ability to think and make the right decision.
We can be influenced by the good Western lifestyle and pretend to be what we see and hear, but if we cannot let Mr Right take control, then we are heading for chaos.
Now that we know what the multi-billion kina LNG project can do, we are preparing for a big feast.
If Mr Right rules, we will be organised because we will be on the right track.

PNG citizen
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