Blood bank looking for more donors

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BLOOD is vital for the human body and at the Port Moresby General Hospital, it is always in high demand daily.
This Christmas period had seen a slight drop in the number of the blood supplies used due to less road accidents or other emergencies that needed blood transfusions.
St John blood bank acting sister-in-charge Sr Vari Baulele said yesterday that this did not mean that they did not need blood.
Sr Baulele said the festive season was the peak time for blood usage, but their regular suppliers were not available.
“We get most of our supplies from students in high and secondary schools and tertiary institutions.
“They keep us going during the year, and when it comes to the holidays, we visit companies still operating to help us donate blood,” Sr Baulele said.
This year had seen an increase in the number of donated blood from previous years.
The blood bank collects 600 to 1,000 bags of blood every month, averaging 150 bags a week.
Sr Baulele said although this was enough for immediate needs, they would like to stock more for emergencies.
“I appeal to the public to remember that it is vital to have adequate supply in stock at all times as you never know when you will need that blood to save yourself,” she said.
Sr Baulele said with four different blood groups, the blood bank aims to always have in supply 75 bags of the universal group O, 45 bags from group A, group B with 20 bags and the rare group AB with 10 bags.
She said these blood types were always needed and it was their aim for the New Year to stock sufficient supply.
The St John Blood Bank had been visiting private firms, including The National office in Port Moresby this week, to collect blood from the staff this season in preparation for new stock for the New Year.