Bogia to get own courthouse, cells


Bogia District will soon have its own courthouse and rural lock-up facilities as part of its MP’s plans to address law and order.
MP Robert Naguri told The National that two weeks ago he invited the assistant police commissioner logistics Tony Duan to Bogia to assess the work he had begun.
“I’ve got a new police station which I still need to complete with two more police stations to be built and I’ve got my armory for the storage of arms and ammunitions already completed,” he said.
“The new courthouse is coming with the presentation of K200,000 to the Department of Justice and Attorney-General to start work.
“I’ve got K200,000 more to pay them so they can mobilise materials and build the courthouse.
“Once that is done, I will build the third police station with the rural lock-up close to the courthouse.”
Naguri said besides law and order, Bogia had only two main areas of focus, health and infrastructure, under a five-year development plan.
He expressed concern that law and order had affected services and he was working on addressing that to enable other services to reach the people.
“I decided to put law and order as my priority and I’ve put my little resources to improve the facilities for the police and the legal services,” he said.
“Once all these are in place then we can address other issues and services that are lacking in the district including health, education and infrastructure.”

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