Foundation completes second phase of skills training


ANIS Foundation Incorporation (AFI) ran its second phase of livelihood enhancement and sustainable programme on ‘livestock intervention’.
Training programme coordinator Jackson Mark said training involved participants along the Brirap project site at Dogona (Girobada village), Saroakeina and Sivitatana in Central’s Rigo electorate.
“This programme is funded by the Asian Development Bank and the Works Department,” Mark said.
“It was proposed to AFI to initiate and deliver basic livelihood enhancement and sustainable programme to affected people living in the three project site as means to improve their lives.
“The first training was on crop intervention.
“The second week-long training on livestock delivered the training intervention sessions on poultry; chicken and duck, cattle, goat and sheep, aquaculture (inland fish farming) and pig husbandry.”
He said after the training, four manual handbooks of each training session were given to the leaders of the affected people as a source of information for them.
“Additionally, vegetable seeds like Chinese cabbage (pak choi), tomato, capsicum and cucumber were distributed to the affected people so they put to practice what they have acquired from the first training intervention on crops,” Mark said.
“In fact, AFI intend to assist the affected people with seeds as to start them off so they will venture into more crop production which improve their food security and socio-economic endeavours.”
He said so far, positive feedback was captured about the first phase of livelihood enhancement and sustainable programme on crop intervention.
“Farmers on site at Dogona, Saroakeina and Sivitatana proceeded into planting introduced crops which included watermelon, snake bean, tomatoes and implementing vital nursery techniques they learnt,” he said.
“This displays a positive impression that such training is very important and AFI as a faith based organisation will continue to deliver the livelihood trainings.”

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