Bold move by Kwa


SINCE the appointment of Dr Eric Kwa as Secretary for Justice, he has undertaken to rebuild the system of village courts to restore peace in communities.
He has also wants village courts to be a flagship.
Kwa has asked all branches within the department to mobilise resources to support village courts and land mediation secretariat achieve the goals that he wants.
While I support secretary’s plan to revitalise the system of village courts, I have some concerns about officers or staff of the village courts, especially the senior managers, based on some things that I have observed over time:

  • Senior officers come to work very late;
  • they roam around outside as if they have nothing to do;
  • there is hardly any direction or mentoring to junior officers;
  • there is no commitment from officers; and,
  • There are no innovative ideas to improve.

I wonder how they will implement the new directions because ways of doing things have been embedded in the management system of the secretariat for a long time.
It is also time to change the leadership at the branch.
We officers from other branches are keeping our eyes on officers of the secretariat to lead the way.
We will support them by working together.
If they cannot commit themselves, how can we support them?
The onus is on village courts officers to prove that they can deliver the outcomes the minister and secretary want.

Eager to support