Books make changes

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The National, Friday November 1st, 2013

 LIBRARIES are information store houses waiting to be explored, National Library and Archives Office director-general Jacob Hevelawa says.

Hevelawa said, during the 35th anniversary celebration of the National Library on Wednesday, the buildings were filled with a wealth of information and knowledge.

“Books make profound changes in all aspects of life achievement and development in the society,” he said. 

He said the National Library was a valuable gift given to the country as an independence gift by Australia in 1975. 

“I believe the occasion will give recognition and add value to the service of libraries, in particular the National Library Service of Papua New Guinea,” he said. 

He hoped the anniversary would invoke and encourage public and national government interests to invest in libraries.

He said that was because the economic value of information was not given much attention with adequate resource support.  

“I believe this would place emphasis on the value of libraries as information knowledge store houses that are available to be accessed and used to build and develop knowledge and encourage use of reliable, readily and relevant information in chartering a country’s identity,” he said. 

National Library and Archives Office chairman, Oseah Philemon urged Parliamentarians to recognise the importance of library and establish one in their respective provinces and district.

He said it was the responsibility of provincial members.