Brian Bell to bring in new products


BRIAN Bell will be looking at bringing in a range of new products, a company official says.

Left: Brian Bell check out operator Jayleen Ume, right, assisting a
customer with information on a product.

Business development manager Bill Neill said this at their recent car park clearance sale at the Home Centre in Gordon, Port Moresby.
Neill said they would introduce a new range of products to revamp and excite the different categories that they currently offered.
“We definitely got some new products coming in the small appliance, outdoor and sports categories,” he said. “In the small appliance, we got boom-boxes and I know that we got some new ones following the dream wave model that came out last year.
“There are some different options coming.
“A lot of different options coming from the indoor and outdoor furniture range.
“So to the real estate companies and the mothers and fathers who want to goods for their homes, we’ve got a new range of furniture coming in. Also in sports.

Left: Customers with gardening equipment
being assisted by Brian Bell staff.

“I know there’s a lot of work going on in the sports department at the moment.
“You know that we have Nike down here and you know that we sell SP PNG Hunters jerseys and merchandise.
“But we are also talking to other big well-known brands, so there will definitely be some new entries in the sports department as well.”
Neill said Brian Bell had been operating in Port Moresby and Papua New Guinea for more than 60 years as a provider mainly of white goods, furniture, home appliances and electronic goods.



Left: Security guard Komaren Lawrence
assisting customers at the check point
the car park clearance sale last week.





Left: Sales representative Lucy Gigiro, left,
assisting customer Bishop Tamate.

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