Brian Bell wants to improve performance standards


Brian Bell is looking at improving its performance standards across all divisions this year, according to chief executive officer Cameron Mackellar.
He said that while there were lots of things it would do better in 2019, the three key areas it would concentrate its collective efforts were:

  • Exceeding customers’ expectations and continuing to deliver quality, service and value;
  • introduction of new and seek opportunities and areas to innovate; and,
  • Grow all parts of business and performance capability.

“Our core business units being Homecentre, Trade Electrical and Chemicals all exceeded expectations in 2018,” Mackellar said.
“They have all established solid organic growth plans for 2019 and beyond.
“Our fourth and newest division – BB Agriculture – is one we will continue to invest in, as we see this sector and area of business expanding rapidly over the next few years.
“It requires further investment on our part.
“With key quality brands like Kubota, Masport, Tramontina and Yates all growing in sales each year for us, we certainly see agriculture as a growth sector next year and beyond.”
Mackellar said they had invested heavily in a few large-scale capital projects last year and these would be realised this year and benefit the whole group enormously.
“Beyond the organic growth activities we have planned, we would certainly keep an eye out for potential acquisitions which could add value and align well with our core business, or even possible start-up opportunities where we see gaps in the market,” he said.
“Our future is a growth story.
“We have lots to concentrate on and to improve internally as well as externally, which then provides a better level of service and performance to our customers.
“Diversity is another area of focus and concentration for us in 2019 as well as looking to improve training levels for all of our team members.”
Mackellar said like many in the country, they were very optimistic about an improving economy this year and beyond.
“There are very positive signs with the banking and finance sector continuing to do well, and now improved signs from the mining sector with a strong mix of existing and new projects being realised in the next couple of years,” he said.
“These are good for everyone’s business.
“We are all excited about 2019 and what the year will bring for PNG and Brian Bell.”