Briefs, Letters

South Fly MP must deliver
I CALL on the Member for South Fly electorate in Western province to fulfil his election promises. He has been in office for more than two years and the people of South Fly electorate are still waiting patiently for the Member to start delivering what he has promised his people. Many of us in the electorate do not have proper basic services such as roads, bridges, health, schools and water to drink. Currently, people are experiencing dry periods and will be looking for water to drink. It will mean that both humans and animals will drink from the same water source. This is a reality and the MP knows about it as he was once party to it. I call on him to fulfil his promises. – Jamie Namorong, Goroka



Kui still the best centre
I REFER to the letter “Replace Kui” (The National, Oct 28) by “Kumul supporter”. I would like to emphasise that Anton Kui is still one of the best players we have. Sure, he may screw up once in a while. But which player does not do that? Even the best player in the world will experience an off day. Every player in the Kumul squad play with pride, dignity, honour and respect when they put on their country’s jumper. We cannot jump to conclusion because of one error. How about the many great moves, defence and tackles? Do we overlook that because of one mistake? – Die hard supporter, Goroka  



Well done, Kumuls
I WOULD like to congratulate the PNG Kumuls for a superb performance in winning the Pacific Cup and earning the right to compete in the Four Nations next year. Taking on league giants Australia, New Zealand and England in the tournament is nothing new as we have already met them in the World Cup last year. The Kumuls proved that they are ready to make their presence felt. – Simple Rootz, Asaro



Congrats, Kumuls
I WOULD like to congratulate the Kumuls for beating the Tongans and Cook Islanders on the way to winning the Pacific Cup. I want to thank Adrian Lam for doing a good job. Well done, boys. – Robson Taotao, via email



Is there a hidden agenda?
CORRECT me if I am wrong. But I remember the Prime Minister left Enga province in a huff early this year after being criticised by Governor Peter Ipatas over the allocation of funds only to NA MPs. So why are the NA heavies making a beeline to Enga again? Have they forgotten some mumblings about “never to return to Enga again” so quickly? I am a proud Engan and I want to know whether this visit is for the good of the province or is there a hidden agenda? – Enga Tambwauk, via email



Thanks, Aimo
ON behalf of the Ambunti-Dreikikir and East Sepik students of Divine Word University, I would like to commend the Member for Ambunti-Dreikikir Tony Aimo for investing on human resource in his electorate and East Sepik province. He must also be commended for assisting our parents by helping out with our school fees. – Sandembi KP, Madang



Looking for Yupi Nokesengim
I WOULD like to touch base with a wantok of mine as soon as possible. I believe he is living in the Wau-Bulolo township. His name is Yupi Nokesengim. I would appreciate very much if Yupi, when he reads this, or any wantok, relative or a friend of his can pass this message to him to contact me immediately on phone number 05 617 4744 3387 (BH) or 05 617 4743 7173 (AH) or mobile 05 61 422 514 854. – Martin Naura, via email



Wewak market looks good
I WOULD like to commend the Wewak town commission for making the Wewak town market a beautiful place for our rural and local people to carry out their business. The town is the home of the PM and it sure looks better than it was last year. – Robson, Wewak