Briefs, Letters

Thanks for live telecast
I WOULD like to thank major sponsor of the Pacific Cup, SP Brewery, and co-sponsors Telikom PNG, L&G and Agmark for making it possible for EMTV to telecast the matches live. Thousands of Papua New Guineans who cannot make it to Port Moresby, can now watch the matches live on TV. We enjoyed every moment and were behind our Kumuls. The commentator, Stephen Dawanicura, did a fine job but he needs to refine interview techniques. He cannot ask stupid questions. For example, he asked the Tongan coach “Is your heart pumping” after his team lost or congratulate the Fijian coach when his team lost. He should be more professional. We are looking forward to cheer on our Kumuls against Cook Islands this weekend. – Amboxx, via email



Treat Cooks with respect
I WOULD like to congratulate the PNG Kumuls for qualifying for the final of the Pacific Cup. The players must not treat Cook Islanders lightly as they have defeated Fiji. – Kumul fan, Port Moresby



We will miss Raich
ON behalf of the ex-seminarians who are studying or working around the country, I would like to extend our heartfelt condolences and sympathies to the immediate relatives of Bishop Herman Raich in Austria. He was one of the hard working priests in the country. Bishop Raich was the champion of development when he set up numerous schools and health centres in all the districts in Enga. He worked tirelessly to instill Christian principles. His commitment shaped and produced some well-disciplined professionals in the country. I call on the Catholic community to give their support to his successor Bishop Arnold Orowae. – Luke Londe Toke, Port Moresby



A let-down by Waima
AS a Jiwakan, I am not happy with Western Highlands’ singer Paul Waima singing a song in the Jiwakan dialect titled Kai Wii Todom. He fails to pronounce some words in the Jiwakan dialect
correctly and the song is not sung properly. I suggest he refrains from singing in the Jiwakan dialect. We have good singers like Dop Doit, JBR, Tom Lari, Bosip Gispe, etc, who can sing properly in the Jiwakan dialect. – Mandah Dahm, Port Moresby



Probe Minj district office
I READ with interest the jailing of the district administrator and treasurer of Yangoru-Saussia for misappropriation of public funds. I call on the Finance Department to carry out a thorough audit on the books of Minj district office. After Sir Tumun Dupre was unseated as president of South Waghi local level government in 1997, the Minj district office was known as the “claims office”.  Tonnes of claims for ghost projects were lodged and paid out. This is a clear sign of a lack of decisive, dynamic and aggressive leadership both at the political and administrative level in Minj. – Paul Tumun, Madang



Don’t split Nipa-Kutubu
ON behalf of the silent majority of the Nipa-Kutubu electorate, I would like to like to raise this important issue concerning Kutubu under the new Hela Transitional Authority, that is, do not split Nipa-Kutubu. The Hela province is expected to be made up of Komo-Margarima, Tari-Pori and Koroba-Lake Kopiago. Nipa-Kutubu electorate is part of Southern Highlands. If it is true that Kutubu is part of Hela, I suggest it would be best to get the opinion of the local people on the ground before making any decision. – Jacob Kurap, Port Moresby



Well done, Pr Teine
I READ with great pleasure the achievements of Pastor Ku Jack Teine after a long and difficult journey. He has shown great determination, patience and perseverance to see the end result. He must be congratulated for obtaining a diploma in education despite not having a formal education. He is determined to go one step further to complete his degree programme. That is something his immediate family members, the Yowai and Nomane people are proud of and we take this opportunity to wish him all the best. – U.K, Port Moresby