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Database vital, ExxonMobil
THE LNG project in Southern Highlands is set to take off within the next two months. This is a massive single project ever undertaken in the country. It will involve a lot of people and equipment. Another interesting point to note is the growing number of project vendors. I have many companies being registered in the past month, hoping to obtain contracts. While most will be legitimate landowner companies, there may be a handful that does not fall into this category. As such, I call on ExxonMobil and its subsidiaries to call for pre-qualification for all contracts. I also suggest ExxonMobil to make its own comprehensive list of all companies and vendors registered in its database. Then only the company will know for sure who is genuine and who is not. – Ipa Yaru, Porgera



Show us the stats
There has been so much talk about labour shortage for the LNG project. Does the Labour Department and its secretary have statistics to back up the claims? We have so many unemployed graduates and unemployed ex-employees still looking for work. Until every literate Papua New Guinean is employed, then we can say we are short of manpower. I suggest the Labour Department conduct a recruitment exercise and it can see the number of applications flooding in. The LNG project is in PNG, so employ our own people. – Edward Kurua, via email



Increase intake
WITH the much talked about manpower shortage for the LNG project and other mines coming on line in the coming years, why is there no increase in the intake for Australian Aid Scholarship (ADS)? There are only 130 places for next year’s intake. This should be increased in view of the long waiting line. The Government says we do not have enough manpower, yet it is not doing anything to overcome that. The Government should start training more people from next year. – Wills Peter, via email



We must curb crossings
IT was embarrassing to read about Papua New Guineans “flooding” the Torres Strait Islands as reported (The National, Nov 11). I do not think it is entirely the Western provincial government’s sole responsibility but the nation as a whole. Whether we like it or not, Western Governor Dr Bob Danaya has to take drastic actions to curb these crossings. He must protect our reputation before it is flushed down the toilet bowl. – Gideon Maim, Yandera



Go, Team EHP
I WAS proud to read about the business houses, provincial and local level governments rallying behind Team EHP for the PNG Games in Port Moresby. Only through such avenues can we show genuineness towards one another. Whilst we still have tribal conflicts and groupings in our villages, what the province is doing is to show that we are united. Our hearts are with the athletes. Keep the EHP flag flying high. – Nenefu, Brisbane



Mind your own business
EVERY other person seems keen to give his or her two toeas’ worth of opinion. While they do that, the issues get distorted and serve no one in the end. Therefore, do what is right for you because the more we talk about these issues, they only get worse. – Blade de matrix reloaded, Port Moresby



Menai must deliver
Since Posi Menai became the MP of Karimui-Nomane in 2002, there has been no tangible development. The people have been crying for services but the two-term MP has so far turned a deaf ear. The people of Salt-Nomane want to know how the MP spent the funds. The MP went to the provincial capital to launch his plans in July but to this day, nothing has taken place. We want to know when Mr Menai is going to implement his plans. – Sayal wene, Port Moresby



Well done, Serevi
I WOULD like to commend rugby sevens coach Waisale Serevi for leading PNG back into the world sevens circuit. The MRDC must be commended for hiring Serevi to put us back on track. – S John, Port Moresby