Briefs, Letters

Help cancer patients, PM
CANCER is one of the leading killer diseases in PNG apart from TB and HIV/AIDS. Thousands in PNG are dying every year due to lack of proper cancer facilities and specialists. A second-hand chemotherapy machine cost around K2-K3 million. We could have bought one machine for each province and still have enough left to upgrade all our rundown health centres and hospitals from the K112 million spent on a jet. The plane only serves the interest of a minority of politicians and senior executives, who are already enjoying all the luxuries in life. The money could have been used to establish a modern cancer treatment centre equipped with state of the art equipment and specialists. It is really painful to see cancer patients in our hospitals who are suffering from a painful and slow death. Sir Michael Somare, something is very wrong here, and you have the power to correct it. – Bata Phyll, Asaro



Well done, Parkop
I AM a student at Philip Aravure Community School, Waigani, who is impressed with what National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop is doing in providing recreational facilities for the young people of Port Moresby. Under his administration, the NCDC has renovated and upgraded the city’s parks, gardens and recreation areas from Ela Beach to Gerehu. The children are happy, at least they have some places to go to for fun, instead of hanging around outside shops and markets at weekends and after school. By the same token, mothers are happy because he has allocated mini-markets for them to sell their produce. Mr Parkop lets the action do the talking for him. The city looks different, cleaner. Do we need to look elsewhere for a leader in the next National Election? Mr Parkop is our man and I salute him for a job well done so far. – Moses J. Wambi, Port Moresby



Haul up rogue PMVs, governor
THE recent traffic congestion at Erima roundabout is almost solved. Thanks, Governor Powes Parkop. You are a great man. We need more leaders like you. I hope you can look into this issue too. PMV operators are still charging passengers K1 just to go to Nine-Mile from Gordon. Don’t we have any regulations in place to conduct investigations and apply appropriate penalties on these “smart” PMV operators? Consumers need to have their rights protected. And to the travelling public, don’t encourage this act by boarding buses calling out “K1 Nine-Mile, K1 Nine-Mile”. – Fed up, Port Moresby



Jiwaka needs more schools
I REFER to the letter “Jiwaka MPS must build more secondary schools” (The National, Nov 23) by Molu Parim. We do need more secondary schools before 2012. The human resource is the key element for the future of this new province. It has to have enough secondary schools to accommodate those who will be completing Grade 10 in two years’ time. – Duu Albert Kapun, NZ



Well done, Gerehu clinic
LAST weekend, we had to rush my father to the St John Gerehu clinic for urgent treatment and the medical staff there did a wonderful job of attending to him quickly and saving his life. The commitment and dedication of all the staff from the medical to security guards is very evident. All the hospitals and clinics in NCD and PNG must learn from this small but “outstanding example of serving people” clinic at Gerehu. To all the staff at Gerehu clinic, keep up the excellent work. Thank you very much. – Helen, Port Moresby



Meaningless rules
WE paid K200 to secure a food stall to sell food at the Sir John Guise Stadium for the duration of the 4th PNG Games. During the first meeting with the organisers on Nov 14, Mary Karo and her team emphasised the total ban on buai and cigarettes, and demand we employ basic hygienic measures. During the course of the meeting, they reassured us no “illegal vendors” (those that did not pay the required K200) would be entertained. But guess what? During the opening ceremony, buai and cigarettes were being sold like hot cakes, and I lost count of the number of “illegal vendors”. Those residing within the complex are selling banned items. This is disgusting. I demand the organisers refund us our K200. – Elma, Port Moresby