Briefs, Letters

Lae needs a true leader
IT has been a long time since the people of Lae got to travel on our city roads in comfort. Many people are wondering when bumpy rides will be a thing of the past. It is sad to say this but avoiding potholes and craters have become part of our lives. At the end of the day, PMV operators, business houses and people lose out while spare parts owners and raskols make money. Our hospital is full of sick people as a result of respiratory problems as a result of inhaling dust. When will the people of Lae and Morobe in general get to see real work on repairing our roads and not just lip service? We need a true leader who can make a difference and it is obvious it is not from the current bunch of leaders that we have. – Concerned Morobean, Lae



EHPG must act
I REFER to the report describing Eastern Highlands as an investment risk (The National, Oct 12). It is hard to believe the governor and his administration are not taking their roles and responsibilities seriously. The provincial capital has deteriorated in terms of basic services and infrastructure. We have water shortage; sewage and drainage problems; tribal fights; land disputes; etc. The governor and his administration must take action to resolve these issues. Once that is done, investors will come. The people are aware EHP has been allocated K158.7 million by the Government, the third largest recipient this year. We want the administration to tell us how the funds have been spent. – Concerned, Goroka



Well done, Kumuls
I WOULD like to congratulate the PNG Kumuls. Their win over Tonga on Sunday was a collective team effort. Rugby league is our national sport and we can show our Pacific neighbours that we are the best. It was disappointing to see Fiji got the better of PNG in the recent rugby league World Cup in Australia. However, we can correct that anomaly by taking the Pacific Cup. The die-hard Kumul fans are behind PNG this Sunday against Cook Islands for the right to play in the Four Nations next year with Australia, New Zealand and England. – Titus Kemi, Port Moresby



Replace Kui
I WOULD like to congratulate the PNG Kumuls for beating Tonga. I believe the national selectors could have made a minor mistake in selecting Anton Kui. He is clumsy, unreliable and is the only weakness in the Kumuls team. I am a Goroka Lahanis supporter and Kui does not seem to have learned from his mistakes. Everyone saw how he failed to catch a high ball, fumbled and did not treat the game seriously. He must be replaced. – Kumul supporter, Port Moresby



Later start ideal
IT was good to see top class rugby league action at the PRL over the weekend. Unfortunately, you feel for the players who were struggling in the heat. The games should have been scheduled for later in the afternoon. It was obvious the players did not play to their full potential. The organisers must consider all factors before players are put at risk. – Sawa Nalum, Port Moresby



Looking for lost friend
I AM looking for lost friend by the name of Sandra K, known only to me as Sherrie from Milne Bay. She used to work with the Justice Department in Waigani. Please contact me on Digicel 71564594, bemobile 6553956. – Bob Selom, Goroka



Time to ban alcohol, Govt
IT is time the Government acts decisively on alcohol in the country. Senior ministers have called for a ban on alcohol and the Opposition’s Dr Bob Danaya has supported them. So what is holding the NEC up? Papua New Guineans do not enjoy drinking alcohol. They abuse that right and this has led to an increase in social, law and order problems. We have seen too many accidents and murders related to alcohol. Many of our people drink and drive. Try doing that in Australia and see what happen to you. It is time for the Government to ban alcohol nationwide. – Sam, Port Moresby