Bring on 2020, Enamyra is smelling success

Enamyra Ani at her workstation in The National newsroom in Port Moresby.

FINAL-year university student Enamyra Ani plans to work for a newspaper when she completes her Bachelor of Arts programme at the University of PNG.
She celebrated her 22nd birthday yesterday inside a newspaper newsroom – surrounded by people she had come to regard as work mates in the past 12 weeks.
She completes her 12-week stint today as a trainee journalist at The National, grateful that she had a chance to experience, even if just for a short while, life in a newspaper newsroom.
“To work with The National newspaper is a privilege. Writing is something I love and now I am here writing and am really happy. I thank my lecturers for giving us this opportunity to work in the industry to gain experience. I now known a lot of new people and places and it feels really good.”
Enamyra is the youngest of three children born to Murray Gerea Ani from Hula and wife Tau from Abau, a retired nurse. Brother Ronald, 39, is self-employed and big sister Jessica, 37, is a civil servant. Both are married and have children.

“ I said I should take up Journalism because I love writing, socialising and I just love to know about what’s happening around the world.”

Enamyra returns to university next week to complete her Journalism and Public Relations course, with a good idea of what to expect in a newspaper newsroom after she graduates.
“I learnt a lot of things, especially in writing features. I never really wrote any feature in my three years at uni. I never had the experience of writing feature stories until I came here to do my practical.”
She thanks Features Editor Alphonse Bariasi for guiding her along.
“He gave me instructions and rules to follow. I wrote my first story and it was really good.”
She is now more confident in interviewing people.
“In the past I used to write questions in my notebook and ask them. Now I have a better idea of what to ask and what to write and which angle to use.”
She developed a passion for writing while in primary school. It explains her inclination to working for a newspaper instead of any other media.
Enamyra attended Ruatoka Elementary School, before doing grades 3 to 5 at the Ranika Private School. She went back to Ruatoka to complete her primary school education.
She completed grades 9 to 12 at the Kwikila Secondary School. In 2017, she became the first student from her school to be selected to attend UPNG.
Her motivation to study journalism began in primary school when her teacher would give students books every day to take home and read. The teacher on the next day would tell them to write about what they had read.
“I was just in Grade 3 and that’s where I started writing and continued doing that till Grade 5. I just love writing stories, essays in school.”
She made up her mind to study Journalism in Grade 12.
“I said I should take up Journalism because I love writing, socialising and I just love to know about what’s happening around the world.”
There was some resistance at home to her choice.
“But I told them that I have to follow my dreams. Even though at times I struggle and face challenges, I thank God for answering my prayers.”
Her advice to Journalism students is to be committed and passionate about what they do.
“Be fair and objective when you are reporting especially when they send you out to get news in the school area or to do your practical. Try to enjoy every opportunity that comes your way. But most importantly always thank God for everything.”
There are also friends who are always there for her such as course mates Jamine Iru, Jerolyn Pombuai, Daniella Cameron, Igana Viboro, Alana Aisi and last but not least, Joan Nick.
“I pray that we will all complete this year successfully.”
Of course the biggest thank you goes to her parents for the support, love and everything “they have done for me since I was born”.
Bring on 2020. Enamyra is all set, ready and raring to go.

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