Bureaucrats told to stay out of politics

Islands, Normal

The National- Thursday, February 10, 2011

 PUBLIC servants in Morobe have been warned to keep out of politics or face severe disciplinary action.

Deputy governor Morokoi Gaiwata issued the warning yesterday following reports that some public servants were already either siding with intending candidates or allowing their offices, telephones and vehicles to be used by people with political inclinations.

Gaiwata said that with the 2012 general elections still more than a year to go, he had seen, heard and been reliably informed of public servants who were dabbling in politics or have their political affiliations.

Public servants must remain neutral and work with politicians of the day, whoever they might be, he said. 

“This warning goes out to all district staff including administrators, managers, aid post orderlies as well as those at provincial headquarters in Lae,” he said.

Gaiwata said that for those wanting to contest the elections next year, the regulations were clear, they had to tender their resignation before they were allowed to stand in elections.

They could not be employed by the government and indulge in politics at the same time.