Businessman killed after 100km pursuit

Lae News, Normal

A BUSINESSMAN from Menyamya  was killed at Gabensis village in the Huon Gulf after being pursued for nearly 100km.
The deceased Neimen Abase is from Helolpa village, ward 11, in Hakwange area of Kome local level council area.
Mr Abase is respected and known locally as a silent achiever through persistence and perseverance by the public servants and the locals alike.
He departed Menyamya station last Friday at 6pm with 25 coffee bags on a maroon Toyota Landcruiser for Lae.
Mr Abase was to return home with two new Toyota Landcruisers after selling his beans.
But on the way to Lae, he was allegedly pursued by two other vehicles from Bulolo.
Reports reaching his relatives in Menyamya say that Mr Abase was chased into Mumeng and then onto the flat lands of the Markham Valley.
At Gabensis, one vehicle overtook him and stopped to block his way, relatives said. The other blocked the rear.
He was found with gunshot wounds and cuts on Saturday morning by Gabensis villagers. Police are investigating.
The communities are mourning his death at a time when they are also suffering deaths from dysentery and influenza outbreak. Mr Abase’s body is at the Angau Memorial Hospital in Lae.