Man on trial for robbery, abduction and rape charges

Lae News, Normal

A MAN stood trial at the National court in Lae last Thursday for an armed robbery and abduction and sexual penetration of an 18-year-old girl without her consent at East Taraka, Lae, in 2003.
Kila Wini Poka in his 20s from Hula, Central province, appeared before Justice Sao Gabi and pleaded not guilty to the charges.
The State alleged that on April 3, 2003, between 11 and midnight, the accused and three others went to the house of the girl at East Taraka.
They were armed with two home made shotguns and an axe.
The State alleged that they had cut the wire fence around the premises to gain entry.
With the firearms, the men held up the family and stole a stereo, an LG 40-inch television and other goods worth K4,000.
They also held up the young woman, took her out of the premise and into the dark.
There, they tore off her clothes, forced her onto the ground and each of the men took turns penetrating her despite her protest.
She was later rescued by some people.