Cabinet appoints chief executives

National, Normal

The National, Friday, June 3rd 2011

THE national executive council has approved several appointments of executive heads and members of statutory bodies.
Among those appointed were Dr Gunzee Gawin as chief executive officer of Popondetta General Hospital in Northern; Johnson Hebe as Commissioner of the National Youth Commission; Bryan Kimmins as chairman of the Central Supply and Tenders Board and Meck Kuk as director of the National Museum and Art Gallery.
Acting Prime Minister Sam Abal said each of the agency heads had been appointed for three years.
He said cabinet had announced the appointment of members for several agencies and they were John Nicholas, Confucius Ikorere and Ben Peri as members of the Boundaries Commission for six years, while Steven Mala, Dominic Kakas, Erema Ugaia, Laiko Bala, Patrick Gaiya, Lawrence Kalinoe, Joe Kanekane, Ombone Kaiku, Johnson Hebe, Gau Tau and Haren Haive as members of the Censorship Board for three years.
Abal, who is the Minister for Works and Wabag MP, appealed to the new appointees to serve with passion for the people and a desire for progress.
“People must be every leader’s passion. There must be a reason for leading.
“The appointees must serve the people with total dedication, honour, loyalty of service with transparency and accountability,” he said.