Call for strict monitoring

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday February 12th, 2014

 STAFF members of the finance department have been told to ensure that public funds are spent wisely and properly accounted for.

“Our primary role is to protect public money, to ensure it is transacted and spent in an efficient and accountable manner,” Acting Finance Secretary Dr Ken Ngangan told officers of the department.

At a two-day workshop last week on Loloata Island, Ngangan said a lot of money had been allocated to the provinces and districts and that required strict monitoring.

“Up to K1.5 billion is now being channelled down to the provinces and districts,” he said.

“So the question for us is: Are we equipped and do we have the systems and structures in place to cater for these developments taking place?”

Ngangan said the department was guided by the Public Finances Management Act, which was now being reviewed to be in line with the changing times and requirements. 

Officers discussed the re-organisation of the department and its work plan for the year.

Ngangan said with the unprecedented resource boom and economic growth for the country, the department must strengthen its systems and processes to facilitate for and support the Government’s service delivery agenda.

He had told the National Leaders Summit earlier in the weeks that the department’s impact projects were the district treasuries roll-out programme, the Integrated Financial Management System and the Government accounting system roll-out, and the financial framework review.