Call for uniforms for PMV crews

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The National, Monday December 16th, 2013

 BUS owners and operators in Lae and throughout the country need to issue uniforms to their drivers and crew so they are visible to traffic police, a PMV owner says.

Bus owner Maita Palaso challenged other PMV operators during the dedication of his five new buses and five four-wheel drive vehicles at East Taraka on Saturday.

He said uniforms would help PMV owners and traffic police identify drivers and crew who abused traffic rules and were involved in accidents.

Palaso said uniforms would boost driver morale and help maintain aclean bus, instil customer trust and confidence while the crew would become more customer conscious.

“Providing uniforms to PMV drivers and crew will help vehicle owners and police to identify which PMV abuses traffic rules, those involved in accidents that cost human lives and repair costs and paying compensation for loss of lives and injuries,” Yawi said.

He surprised his employees and relatives by buying 10 vehicles to mark the naming of his three-month-old son, Boseba.